Senior Digital Marketing Officer - Remote

Marketing · Kingston, Jamaica
Department Marketing
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

We Are Recruiting

Digita Global Marketing Ltd. is a digital solutions agency with the vision of becoming a globally recognised media, technology and communications company. To this end, we are recruiting talented, attentive, disciplined, and driven individuals to accompany us on this regional and global expansion journey. We are a young start-up with great potential. We seek to align with like-minded high performers who see's excellence as their baseline and are willing to work diligently, creatively and dynamically to help us achieve our goals, as we help you achieve yours. If you have a Kaizen mindset, keep reading.

Core Skills Needed

  1. Critical Thinking - The ability to problem solve, research, and make suggestions for achieving clients' goals using digital marketing.
  2. Assertiveness - A mindset of complete ownership of assigned tasks and projects towards client goal fulfilment, while keeping with organisational policies and principles.
  3. Integrity - Willingness to own up for mistakes and find strategies to remedy them.
  4. Detail Oriented - A master at finding the needle in the haystack.
  5. Team Player - A willingness to jump in and provide support both within and outside your core department.
  6. Communication - You have the gift of gab and the gift of the slab (Strong verbal and written skills are required).

    Core Competencies

    1. Digital Marketing - The ability to run effective, targeted and results-driven campaigns on and over Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), Google Adwords and Adsense, Email and SMS
    2. Copywriting - Skilled in crafting SEO friendly messages and writing creative briefs and web/social/print/video script copy for creative campaigns.
    3. Analytical Skills - The ability to analyse data and identify trends allowing for better decision making tied to core KPIs as identified in campaign strategies.
    4. Creative Ideation - The ability to ideate on campaign concepts and specific pieces of content across the web and social media.
    5. Project Management - The ability to manage varied components of campaigns and projects within time-bound targets, ensuring delivery. The capacity to manage 3-5 clients simultaneously.

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • Communicate effectively with CEO and Marketing Lead.
    • Lead the execution of marketing campaigns from start to finish, including ideation, creation and monitoring of campaigns, online advertising.
    • Motivating the marketing team and encouraging collaboration.
    • Analyze customer insights, consumer trends, market analysis, and marketing best practices to build successful strategies.
    • Assess the marketing team and any other department teams being worked with to determine whether or not all personnel are contributing to the marketing strategies and campaigns they are assigned.
    • Oversee marketing department’s progress to ensure the strategies are successfully implemented.
    • Use photography and videography skill sets in areas that will assist in the execution of a successful marketing campaign.
    • Working with the creative team, and assist in guiding creative direction to meet objectives for all advertising and public facing communications, including print, digital, and video assets.
    • Distribution of content on various media platforms (social media in particular) and measurement and analysis of impact.
    • Execution of Social Media Marketing efforts including live blogging, social media strategy creation, active page management and social customer service.
    • Evaluating social media campaigns for effectiveness.
    • Reviewing content calendars and signing off and creating strategies.
    • Liaising with clients to completely understand their vision and deliver it.
    • Creation and execution of email based marketing campaigns.
    • Continuous review and active management of social media & to a lesser extent website and other online assets.
    • Creating, implementing, monitoring and reporting on all forms of online advertising (Social, Google AdWords, Mail chimp, Website, Media).
    • Manage creative production of online and offline marketing assets, graphic design, video production and web development, from the initial concept to finished product and execution.
    • Train and offer expertise to junior marketing team members.
    • Assist the company in meeting sales and revenue goals by generating new sales using existing and potential customer networks.


    1. A Degree in Marketing or higher. Digital Marketing Certification
    2. No less than 4-5 years working in the field of Digital Marketing 
    3. Solid knowledge of website and marketing analytics tools (e.g., Google & Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights etc.)
    4. Working knowledge of ad serving tools
    5. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints

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